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LEAP serves a client community of more than 300 local media companies to engineer end-to-end, data-optimized marketing processes that grow the volume and value of audiences across platforms.

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“We have been with LEAP since early 2015 and it’s been a valuable partnership. We chose LEAP because collecting, managing and warehousing our data was not a strong point for our company. LEAP has enabled us to identify and merge all of our disparate sources of online and offline data, and move towards a 360 degree profile of each person in our market – our customers, our prospective customers and those of our advertisers.”

Matt Miller, CRO, Observer Publishing Company

“The pillars upon which our success rests are quality content, using data to understand our customers, and a consistent, measurable marketing process. LEAP delivers a level of sophistication in customer intelligence and marketing automation better and cheaper than we could build ourselves. These capabilities are crucial to effectively execute our strategic plan.”

Gary Farrugia, Publisher, The Day

Customer Intelligence

Revenue follows audiences. Audiences are built with data. Here's how it's done.

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Get the benefit of World Class technology and expertise - without the investment.

Best Practices

Optimize customer journeys that are measurable, proven and replicable for your benefit.

Managed Services

LEAP engineers and manages an end-to-end, fully synchronized process for audience and revenue growth.

Advanced Analytics

LEAP's Targeted Growth Model maximizes the return on your customer development investments.

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