About Us

Leap Media Solutions, LLC is a partnership between The Day Publishing Company of New London, CT and Leap Media Partners, owners of the Aurora (CO) Media Group (amgcolorado.com).

We are publishers seeking to resolve resourcing challenges – challenges that are fundamentally unique to independent and privately owned companies like ours. Without an innovative approach, we are unable to make the investments in technology, expertise and best practices that are essential to our prosperity over the long haul.

Leap Media Solutions represents the solution to our resourcing dilemma. Through our shared services and best practices approach, we can make the needed investments in our future – and optimize the return by reengineering our businesses to be consistent with protocols that have been tested and proven.

We believe there are many other companies who share our resourcing challenges. If this sounds like someone you know, we invite you to explore the unique opportunities to solidify your future with Leap Media Solutions.