The LEAP Digital Automation Studio (DAS) represents a powerful, integrated suite of digital marketing capabilities designed to engage your audiences, prospective audiences and those of your advertisers, in a meaningful, relevant and invited exchange of content and communications.

LEAP deploys this technology to deliver the digital components of the Customer Lifecycle Management Curriculum. Clients also benefit from hands-on access to the platform for ad hoc campaigns, news alerts, merchant communications and more. The LEAP DAS is mobile friendly and the LEAP licensing model provides unlimited email executions, making it an exceptional platform for the delivery of e-newsletters and other content marketing initiatives.

Perhaps most importantly, the LEAP DAS offers real-time, two-way integration with BlueVenn – enabling customer communications that are unequivocally relevant and truly optimized by channel.

The problems associated with dubious email data are well known. Email integrity solutions comprise a core element of LEAP’s digital services portfolio. These solutions include detecting general format and syntax errors, ensuring addresses use a valid top-level domain, detecting improper email address formats, verifying whether a domain of the email exists, confirming that the domain and mailbox can receive email and, where errors are identified, removing invalid characters, correcting spelling errors and matching addresses with known, valid domains.

LEAP’s digital solutions includes a PCI-compliant, 256-bit encrypted system for deploying online forms for secure data capture and fulfillment – including new start enrollments, renewals, EZ Pay upgrades, credit card updates, complaint reports and email opt-in/permissions management.

You know all the reasons for publishing a robust portfolio of e-newsletters: growth of your email database, first-party data on your content consumers, advertising and sponsorship opportunities and native ad revenue – just to name a few. But it’s so time-consuming, right?

Not anymore.

LEAP has engineered a solution for the seamless automation of affinity content newsletters through a fully-integrated connection between your content management system (CMS) and the LEAP Digital Marketing Automation Studio.  This solution includes e-newsletter template design, RSS development to support automation and full project management through implementation. Combined with LEAP’s licensing model providing unlimited email executions, you’ll be set to take advantage of this “no-brainer” opportunity.