As a fully-integrated tool with BlueVenn, Tableau® empowers marketing and advertising professionals with the ability to perform real-time, train-of-thought analysis over the comprehensive audience database designed and managed by LEAP.

Tableau is a Gartner-leading data visualization and reporting platform that LEAP deploys as a shared access, “do it with me” reporting solution.

The BlueVenn/Tableau integration features an automated refresh of household, subscriber, online user, demographic and transactional data into a web-based reporting engine accessible by clients.

LEAP’s standard dashboard reporting suite includes our weekly Audience KPI, retention analytics, campaign performance reporting, coalition benchmarking and Advertising Market Profile reports.

The Advertising Market Profile reports not only provide deep insights into the characteristics of customers who represent value to your local advertising clients, but allow you to identify then target them through a multi-channel marketing approach.  The reports include the following categories:

  • Auto Interest
  • Charitable Donors
  • Colleges & Universities (households with children nearing high school graduation)
  • Contest & Sweepstakes
  • Fashion Interest
  • Fitness & Exercise Enthusiasts
  • Furniture & Decorating Interest
  • Gardening Interest
  • Gourmet Cooking Interest
  • Home Improvement Projects Interest
  • Politics & Current Affairs Interest
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Domestic Travelers
  • Foreign Travelers
  • Wine Interest

In addition to the above, LEAP maintains over 80 lifestyle interests that can be leveraged for audience modeling and targeted marketing initiatives.