Your data may be your greatest asset.  Is it working for you?

If not, it could because it’s not reliable, not accessible, or not consolidated with all of your other meaningful sources of relevant information to deliver a cohesive, actionable 360o view of each of your customer relationships.

We’ll fix that, starting with what we know from your interactions with your current and former customers – data that is maintained in your transactional systems like Newscycle, Brainworks, DISCUS, Newzware, Vision Data, etc. We will layer in data from various online/offline data sources – such as digital registrations, e-commerce systems, DMP’s, contest and event platforms, membership/rewards systems and other appropriate internal sources of data about your customers. Then we’ll enhance that data with relevant third-party information – such as detailed demographic and lifestyle characteristics – that helps us transform your imperfect snapshot of a contact into a dynamic, robust portrait of a targetable consumer.

Once we’ve worked that magic with your data, the BlueVenn omnichannel marketing hub – ENGAGE –  is put to use in building audience and revenue.

ENGAGE is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for data-optimized marketing automation integrating wide-ranging analytics and segmentation, sophisticated journey orchestration functionality and thorough reporting capabilities.

▸  Real-time integration of disparate data into Single Customer View

▸  Customer Journey optimization

▸  Predictive analytics & segmentation

▸  Tableau® integration

▸  Facebook®, Twitter® and Google® Custom Audiences

▸  Spatial integration

▸  ESP connectors

▸  Multichannel campaign management

▸  Campaign automation and scheduler