possibleSupport of Revenue Diversification Initiatives

There’s no arguing the fact that survival in the news media is dependent upon its ability to leverage unique assets – content-generation, community relationships and brand integrity among them – to diversify revenue. Events, digital services, native advertising, e-commerce, video, niche publishing, targeted marketing solutions, etc. represent the revenue initiatives that will secure a future extending beyond traditional subscription and ad revenues.

And every one of those initiatives is engineered, promoted and executed through a comprehensive knowledge of your audiences – the kind of intelligence that is a foundational element of the LEAP relationship. In other words, we’re here not only to enable the growth of your audiences – we’re here to help you make money from them.

Target Marketing Revenue

Like you, your advertisers are in search of more customers. And, like you, your data puts you in exceptional position to deliver on that requirement.

The database LEAP engineers, manages and deploys on your behalf not only comprises detailed information about your customers and prospective customers, but those of your advertisers. Thus, you are able to help those advertisers define the characteristics of their most valuable targets, and then demonstrate how your diverse portfolio of media assets can reach them most effectively.