LEAP Clients are Using Coupon Emails to Generate New Starts and Engage Subscribers

By Wendy Reeves Published August 1, 2019

Several LEAP clients are taking advantage of the opportunity to promote weekly coupons. LEAP built a series of coupon templates for Tribune Media to promote the weekly coupon savings amount to its current subscribers. These emails are sent on Friday evenings or Sunday mornings (based on market testing) to all active subscribers to remind them of the value of their subscription. Tribune simply supplies the coupon total and LEAP updates the image and schedules the email. The email creative is changed out each season. Tribune sees an average open rate of 15% for these emails and a click through to its websites of 0.8%.

The Dallas Morning News (TDMN) takes a slightly different approach with its weekly coupon email by adding a Sunday content teaser section in addition to the coupon savings amount. TDMN sends the email to former subscribers and people who have never subscribed with a call to action button asking them to purchase a home delivery subscription. The LEAP-built templates are accessed by TDMN within the LEAP Digital Automation platform to update the coupon total and Sunday content, and execute the email sends. There is a second template for just the Sunday content promo for weeks when there are no coupons or the coupon value is low. Dallas sees an average open rate of 7% and a click through to its subscribe page of .12%. At the time this article was written, Dallas had one week of sends so new starts from this campaign are pending.

These approaches are an easy way to demonstrate value, engage your current subscribers, and solicit new subscriptions. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn how LEAP can help you get these emails started in your market.

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