LEAP Dimensions presents several compelling use cases

By Daniel Williams Published October 19, 2016

When we introduced LEAP Dimensions earlier this year, the idea was to deliver our media clients with a powerful new solution that analyzes, models, and segments customer databases of local advertisers and merchants in order to provide them a high-value prospect universe that can be reached through targeted channels. This "needs assessment > needs fulfillment" methodology is unlocking new revenue opportunities for media companies.

The end-to-end process involves five steps and can instantaneously place a customer profile report into the hands of your clients. This target market analysis opens a dialogue on the many ways you can help them reach the right customer, with the right message, using the right channel.


The key ingredient is the first-party transactional data and third-party household-level demographics and lifestyle that can be appended to any customer record that contains a valid physical address. Using a proprietary process enabled by the LEAP Audience Database, this transforms raw customer data into a strategic asset that can be monetized through a targeted, omni-channel marketing strategy tailored specifically to the needs of your clients.

Here are several interesting recent examples:

  • A golf course community in Augusta, GA that analyzed its member file to identify approximately 30,000 potential customers based on characteristics they shared with existing members.
  • A non-profit in Colorado Springs that analyzed its donor file to identify approximately 50,000 high-value potential donors who have both the means to donate and propensity to support charitable organizations.
  • A multi-location department store in suburban Philadelphia that analyzed its customer file based on purchase history to build an insert and digital marketing strategy to drive store traffic.
  • A lawn-and-garden equipment business in western Pennsylvania that analyzed its past buyers to build a targeted direct mailing list for ongoing promotional marketing.
  • A tire and auto repair business in Erie analyzed its customer file to understand consumer behaviors and characteristics to build a multi-channel advertising strategy that included print, digital, retargeting, direct marketing and social reputation management.

LEAP Dimensions summarizes audience data into dashboards that can be shared with advertising clients.

For more information on LEAP Dimensions™ or to request a 20-minute tutorial, contact Danielle Beausoleil at danielle.beausoleil@www.leapmediasolutions.com.

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