Market Profile Reports Provide Actionable Insights for Advertising Executives

By Daniel Williams Published July 10, 2019

LEAP deploys Tableau as a fully-integrated data visualization software within the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform. Tableau helps LEAP’s clients to see and understand their data with elegant, interactive dashboards and visualizations that are dynamically updated with the latest performance metrics, transactional trends and other key performance indicators. Among the standard reports delivered by LEAP are a weekly channel performance report, campaign response report, retention analytics and our proprietary Targeted Growth Model – which identifies the highest value prospects based on a propensity scoring and segmentation methodology.

In addition, housed within their Tableau account LEAP clients will find a wealth of information surrounding 13 key advertising verticals. Through its partnership with the Acxiom Corporation, LEAP licenses consumer-level demographics and lifestyle data for the entire United States, and uses that data to build Market Profile Reports that provide a detailed view of high-value consumer segments within its target market.

Market Profile Reports include:

Auto Interest                               Charitable Donors                         Colleges & Universities                         Contests & Sweepstakes

Domestic Travel                         Fashion Interest                             Fitness & Exercise                                  Foreign Travel

Furniture & Décor                      Gardening                                       Gourmet Cooking                                   Home Improvement

Politics & Current Affairs

The Market Profile Reports show the total number of adult consumers in the target market with an interest category and then measures how those consumers are distributed across a variety of demographic attributes, Personicx lifestage segments, interest categories, purchase channel preferences, and subscriber status among other variables. The data is presented in an easy-to-view web interface, and they can also be easily downloaded as a PDF or cross tab for distribution.

How do you turn this rich data into new ad dollars?

The Market Profile Reports provide detailed views of the characteristics of consumers in the market with specific demographic characteristics and interests. The reports are best used to identify opportunity in the market – both for you and your advertisers. For those merchants that do not capture customer data, this report is particularly useful, providing insight into their likely customer base. Publishers can put this intelligence in front of local businesses that have been reluctant to advertise, complementing the report data with an integrated ad package that cost-effectively connects with their most promising customers and prospects.

The Market Profile Report above illustrates this approach. As noted, there are 170,158 market households with a known interest in charitable giving – 32,000 of which are active print and/or digital subscribers. Clearly, a combination of print/digital display advertising can be an effective means of reaching those consumers. But there are still well over 100,000 potential donors to reach. As evident in the report, 65,000 of those are likely to respond to direct mail. Moreover, LEAP’s Email Penetration Report will define specifically how many of those potential donors are in your email database, providing a direct, relevant and cost-effective platform for communications. Effectively combining print/digital display, email, direct mail and, potentially, other appropriate online/offline channels to reach a targeted audience is something you – only you – can do for your local advertisers.

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