Quantifying the short-term ROI on marketing investments

By Tom Ratkovich Published November 6, 2015

Strategic. Sustainable. Profitable.

Pick your buzzword – we at LEAP have used them all as it relates to the audience initiatives of our client community.

In fact, we have been so adamant in our focus on the long-term, strategic, sustainable growth of audiences that we have been guilty of ignoring the short-term. Not in our approach, but in promoting the often immediate financial benefits of data-driven marketing automation. To remedy this oversight, we would like to share some pretty cool numbers.

As it does each weekend, LEAP recently prepared its Weekly KPI Reports for coalition partners. One of those partners, The Observer-Reporter in Washington, PA, just hit the three-month mark as a fully onboarded LEAP client. The results – even after just 90 days – are pretty persuasive. Some highlights of the October KPI Report:

  • Total Permanent Stops are down 18.8% (October 2015 v. October 2014)
  • Non-Pay Stops are down 77.0% (October 2015 v. October 2014)
  • Solicitation Starts are up 19.1% (October 2015 v. October 2014)

Ultimately, these figures are manifested in the most compelling metrics of all:

In October LAST YEAR, The Observer-Reporter had 104 more STOPS than STARTS. Conversely, in October THIS YEAR, the publisher had 22 more STARTS than STOPS. The NET/NET is an improvement of 126 STARTS/STOPS compared to the same month one year ago. That’s pretty good for a publisher with a subscriber base around 20,000.

In other words, data-driven marketing automation is having an enormous, immediate impact on print and digital audiences.

Yes, The Observer-Reporter can look forward to the long-term benefits (and associated buzzwords) of such an approach. In fact, those benefits typically accelerate as data assets multiply and best practices get tested, measured and refined.

But The Observer-Reporter’s leap of faith (pun intended) is paying huge dividends in the short-term. While we at LEAP often focus our message on sustainable, strategic audience growth driven by world-class technology and customer intelligence, the ROI can be tangible and substantial in the very near-term.

Tom Ratkovich is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of LEAP Media Solutions.

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