LEAP releases Email Database Profile Report as latest enhancement to standard reporting suite

By Daniel Williams Published September 11, 2017

Raleigh, NC - As part of our ongoing efforts to provide deeper insights into the audience data of media organizations, and to drive strategic planning and actionable marketing, LEAP has added a new offering to our standard reporting suite.

The Email Database Profile Report provides a complete analysis of an email database, based on all valid/deliverable emails that are associated to a physical address.  By connecting an email to a physical address, LEAP can append transactional, demographic and lifestyle variables in order to organize your database into strategic audience segments.   These audience segments can then be leveraged to drive a variety of marketing initiatives, including subscription acquisition, contesting, newsletter marketing and sponsored content on behalf of advertisers.

In fact, there are over 80 demographics and lifestyle interest segments available in this new profile report – segments that can be automatically tagged and targeted for email marketing (more down below).

The other benefit of this new profile report is to assist in your email newsletter strategy. You can easily identify the segment size(s) and then provide advertisers the opportunity to sponsor the distribution of affinity content to qualified, engaged audiences.  Several examples are displayed below.

The new reports are now available to LEAP clients inside of their Tableau accounts.  If you’d like to schedule a call to discuss best practices and explore additional ways to leverage these insights, please contact us at marketing@www.leapmediasolutions.com.

About LEAP Media Solutions

LEAP serves a client community of more than 100 media companies to engineer end-to-end, data-optimized marketing processes that grow, activate, engage and monetize audiences.

At the heart of our methodology is LEAP Dimensions™ – a comprehensive database platform that allows us to integrate and consolidate various sources of internal and external data into a single, authoritative view of your individual customer relationships.

LEAP employs a unique Shared Cost Model that allows us to deploy technology and unmatched expertise to reengineer your business around customer intelligence and best practices in audience management and monetization.

As a result, we deliver clients a contracted, end-to-end process for audience development and monetization that does not depend on adding new resources – just on the experienced talent and proven processes that we deliver on your behalf.

For more information, contact us at marketing@www.leapmediasolutions.com.

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