KPI reporting delivers actionable insights for audience marketers

By Tom Ratkovich Published February 7, 2019

Authored by Julie Parker.

A seamless integration between the LEAP/BlueVenn Customer Data Platform and Tableau® enables the delivery of a comprehensive reporting suite featuring Audience KPI metrics, retention analytics and campaign performance reporting. Clients benefit from unprecedented views of marketing performance and access to actionable audience insights – all designed to support an environment of continuous improvement and best practice deployment.

One such example is the Direct Marketing Response Report, offering marketers an opportunity to review direct mail campaign results by a variety of key metrics and apply those results to informing future decisions, optimizing performance and driving audience growth and engagement.

A Monthly Summary shows response rates and campaign costs by group– REACQUISITION for former subscribers, and PROSPECT for data-driven targets identified through deployment of the Targeted Growth Model (TGM).

LEAP Dimensions

Additional reporting details results by TGM Value Segment or TGM Lifestage Segment subgroups, identified in first-party subscription and transaction data by appending relevant third-party data such as demographic and lifestyle characteristics.

LEAP Dimensions - value segmentsResults by Creative are also reported. LEAP provides a portfolio of direct mail creative options to choose from each month, each one road-tested for success. Some are more price-driven, some are more content or creative-driven, offering choices to test and learn what works best in your market. Client Solutions Managers are willing to make recommendations and will review your results with you on your monthly calls and help guide your decision making.

The Direct Marketing Response Report also provides detailed insights into results by numerous key demographics including age, education and income. If you need to make tough decisions regarding a limited acquisition budget, this report can help you smartly target your direct mail spend by identifying how those with a channel preference for direct mail are responding. You may then use that data to inform your decisions.

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