LEAP Media Solutions' Customer Lifecycle Marketing program proves to be game changing at The Frederick News-Post

By Allie Farnsworth Published October 25, 2017

It is said that the best offense is a good defense. At The Frederick News-Post (TFNP), victory has come on both sides of the game, with Leap Media Solution's Customer Lifecycle Marketing (CLM) curriculum going on the offense to create an integrated customer retention campaign, while mitigating losses of both customers and revenue in the process.

Kerry Turner, TFNP Circulation Director explains, "Leap has made our marketing efforts more intelligent. We know a lot more about who our customers are, and how to communicate with them. The richness of the demographic information allows us to target households with similar profiles of our current readers, which helps streamline our direct mail and telemarketing efforts. In all, we now have a database that will grow more each year."

Leap's automated marketing approach not only leverages customer relationships to drive profitability, but provides a new level of efficiency for Kerry and her team. "Once we completed the initial setup for our marketing campaigns with Leap, our email and direct mail campaigns now just run," explains Kerry.

Download the Case Study (pdf)

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