LEAP Media Solutions' Customer Lifecycle Marketing program proves to be game changing at The Frederick News-Post

By Allie Farnsworth Published November 25, 2014

It is said that the best offense is a good defense. At The Frederick News-Post (TFNP), victory has come on both sides of the game, with Leap Media Solution's Customer Lifecycle Marketing (CLM) curriculum going on the offense to create an integrated customer retention campaign, while mitigating losses of both customers and revenue in the process.

In fact, since launching Leap's customized CLM program in February 2013, the 2,013 start, restart and renewal transactions captured through the LMS web form solution, has resulted in $155,531 in revenues for an average of $77.26 per transaction. Additionally, TFNP's average monthly subscriber losses have declined from 778 to 436, or 48%, a dramatic statement to the efficiency and impact of Leap's intelligent marketing services.

Frederick News-Post Subscription StopsLeap's curriculum, by its very definition, is an integrated course of action, based on a schedule of rigid and standard communications founded on proven programs, processes, and best practices. For TFNP, this includes utilizing email and direct mail campaigns to communicate with subscribers on a regular basis, rather than after they opt out or when a subscription expires. With Leap's automated program, web form initiatives, weekly reporting, and targeted messaging campaigns TFNP has a richer, more successful retention program. In the program's first year TFNP has processed 10,717 total transactions, with 1,214 EZ Pay subscription renewals, 799 new and/or reacquired EZ Pay subscriptions, and 8,704 service requests, including vacation starts and stops.

Kerry Turner, TFNP Circulation Director explains, "Leap has made our marketing efforts more intelligent. We know a lot more about who our customers are, and how to communicate with them. The richness of the demographic information allows us to target households with similar profiles of our current readers, which helps streamline our direct mail and telemarketing efforts. In all, we now have a database that will grow more each year."

Frederick News-Post renewal emailThe CLM curriculum has given them preemptive power in keeping subscribers with an automated email marketing campaign, managed and executed by the team at Leap. Kerry now has access to data that flags subscribers in advance of their subscription and/or credit card expiring, and can engage with them proactively through scheduled, targeted campaigns, minimizing attrition by keeping loyal subscribers. Leap has delivered 43,428 email executions to "at-risk" subscribers resulting in 38.7% open rates and 24.7% click-to-open rates, and 47.9% conversion rates (renewals), a testament to the intelligent marketing dynamic of the CLM curriculum.

Leap's automated marketing approach not only leverages customer relationships to drive profitability, but provides a new level of efficiency for Kerry and her team. "Once we completed the initial setup for our marketing campaigns with Leap, our email and direct mail campaigns now just run," explains Kerry. "I can spend as much or as little time revising them as I have." She continues, "This has enabled me to focus on other programs, and operational challenges, while still being confident that we are generating the new starts that are needed. The reporting that Leap provides on a weekly basis is also a time-saver. I know right away what's working and what's not, and can tweak it. That's time saved running reports that I now have for strategic projects."

"We're much more intelligent as marketers now," Kerry says, "and we're spending our money in a much smarter way thanks to Leap."

Offense. Defense. Seems it's the best of both at The Frederick News-Post, changing the game for a win in customer retention, development, and profitability.

Prepared exclusively for LEAP Media Solutions by Allie Farnsworth, Copywriter

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