The Observer-Reporter (Washington, PA) doubles down with LEAP

By Daniel Williams Published June 28, 2017


The Observer Publishing Company (OPC) was a relatively early-adopter of the LEAP approach to data-driven audience growth, engagement and monetization. That “LEAP of faith” has been rewarded with sustained and meaningful improvements in audience performance and revenue growth.

OPC and LEAP have announced that their relationship has been extended. As noted by Chief Revenue Officer Matt Miller, “We have been with LEAP since early 2015 and it’s been a valuable partnership. We chose LEAP because collecting, managing and warehousing our data was not a strong point for our company. LEAP has enabled us to identify and merge all of our disparate sources of online and offline data, and move towards a 360 degree profile of each person in our market – our customers, our prospective customers and those of our advertisers.”

Consumer revenue alone is up over $265,000 – a not insignificant number for a mid-sized, family-owned publishing company with a history dating back to the early 1800s.

By extending its partnership with LEAP, OPC benefits from the dramatically enhanced functionality of LEAP Dimensions™, LEAP’s newly-introduced, technologically-superior platform for real-time database integration, analytics and customer journey optimization.

To date, OPC has focused its efforts on reducing customer attrition, increasing engagement and generating efficiencies through marketing automation. As Miller explains, “We use this resource to manage and optimize our retention and new start marketing efforts, while also helping to reduce stops through increased reader engagement.”

Through ongoing testing and analytics, these efforts continue to be refined and enhanced. On tap for OPC: more focus on leveraging LEAP Dimensions on revenue generation – including target marketing services and diversification initiatives to support local advertisers and community organizations.

In particular, Miller appreciates the collaborative nature of the LEAP relationship. “The LEAP team is highly engaged, hosting monthly meetings, the ROUNDTABLE in Vail and, new for 2017, a user conference focusing on best practices.”

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