Publishers see massive gains in online subscription renewals & payments with CLM curriculum

By Tom Ratkovich Published February 7, 2019

Authored by Wendy Reeves and Stephen Ratkovich.

LEAP’s data-optimized Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) curriculum is delivering dramatic performance gains for local publishers. The LEAP CLM is a multichannel program of communications designed to augment subscriber development, enhance content engagement, optimize customer value and manage the consumer relationship. Each communication is automated, timely, channel-integrated, targeted and personalized to engineer a customer journey that is perfectly tailored to each individual.

Red Wing Publishing (RWP) – a second-generation, family-owned producer of 12 local print & digital publications – launched the LEAP CLM curriculum in August 2018. RWP has seen a striking +258% YOY increase in online customer renewals across the group. Another LEAP client, New England Newspapers, has experienced similar results, with online renewal payments growing more than 325% since CLM inception in May 2018.

CLM is tailored to the specific business rules and strategic requirements of each LEAP client. The fundamental objectives are to drive the growth of digital and/or print subscriptions, maximize the value of each customer relationship, and automate the subscriber engagement process to take substantial cost out of the business. One common application is the integration of Mather pricing recommendations into the acquisition and renewal components of the CLM – effectively “operationalizing” the Mather codes that may otherwise require one-off projects to deploy.

In addition to managing the renewal process, the CLM curriculum typically includes a welcome series highlighting subscription benefits, digital products, digital access and content teasers. The series also includes after stop win-back emails, vacation restart confirmations (for print subscriptions), credit card expiration and decline notifications, and EZ Pay conversion asks. LEAP clients also benefit from best practice creative executions, tested constantly across the 200+ members of the LEAP client coalition. The entire series is automated to ensure flawless execution across all critical customer touchpoints.

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