The Day (New London, CT) stands apart from its peers in latest AAM reporting

By Daniel Williams Published June 17, 2016

Raleigh, NC, June 16, 2016 - Earlier this month, AAM (Alliance for Audited Media) began releasing quarterly circulation figures and reports for its member newspapers.  The new Quarterly Reporting Format (or "QDR") replaces the old six-month Publisher Statement model, and aims to better reflect the extensive reach of newsmedia brands across all print and digital content and advertising publishing channels.

Once again, The Day Publishing Company stands apart from its peers not only in its ability to sustain its circulation volume levels amidst ongoing industry declines but it is outperforming the industry in successfully activating digital access among its traditional print readers.

The two infographics below were shared by The Day, which has been a LEAP client since January, 2013.   The first chart shows the Q1 year-over-year change in AAM circulation figures for The Day, and for its peers in New England.

AAM - Daily Circ YOY - 2016

The second chart shows that Digital Only subscribers now represent 14.0% of all paid subscribers, which also outperforms the New England publishing cohort, and we suspect would do so nationally as well.

AAM - Digital Subs - 2016

The numbers speak for themselves.  Whereas all other daily publications experience annual double-digit circulation declines, The Day finished at (1.5%) daily and (2.0%) Sunday.   But this performance is not anomalous, as The Day has managed to sustain its paid subscription base going on five years.  It has done so in large part to its commitment to a data-driven approach for driving audience development initiatives, and for effectively implementing an all-access paid content model that has successfully activated over 70% of legacy print subscribers onto full digital access.

In addition to partnering to support its circulation and audience management, The Day has leveraged LEAP's customer intelligence platform to promote and extend our modeling, segmentation and multi-channel targeted marketing as a managed service on behalf of its local advertising community.   Michael Moses, Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy at The Day has estimated their audience database has been responsible for over 1.5MM in incremental advertising and audience revenue growth over the past four years.  Now THAT is a return-on-investment!

We have frequently lauded The Day for its successes over the years, and for good reason.  This AAM report illustrates once again the benefits of The Day adopting a data-driven approach, and the positive impact it has made on transforming their business.

To learn more about how LEAP can help you stand out among your peers and support a data-driven business transformation - as it has for The Day and dozens of other newsmedia companies - please contact Tom Ratkovich, Managing Partner at or (303) 886-0202.


Dan Williams is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LEAP Media Solutions.

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