Ryen Frazier

Marketing Analyst

The formal stuff: Ryen Frazier is a Marketing Analyst as well as a Workflow Engineer for Process Management at LEAP Media Solutions. Ryen has worked with the company since December 2017, helping create data visualizations as well as create streamlined business processes.

Ryen is a 2019 graduate of North Carolina State University, with a BS degree in Textile Engineering. She is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Management to supplement her work.

Ryen is a member of the North Caroline State Cross Country and Track and Field teams and has earned All-Conference and All-Region athletic awards as well as All-American academic awards.

The fun stuff: with my degree I can sew you a t-shirt, but I can also make you a planar heat transfer testing mechanism, I have unrealistic dreams of being in a band (piano), and I love dogs. Her favorites…

Food: breakfast

Book: Three Week with My Brother (Nicholas Sparks)

Movie: any James Bond with Daniel Craig

TV Show: Friends

Band/Artist: The Eagles

Beer: Root (ha)

City: Savannah, GA

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