Yao Lu Swanson

Platform Manager

Yao joined LEAP Media Solutions in April, 2016 as Database Analyst. Prior to joining LEAP, Yao was a senior data analyst at Summitry Worldwide. While at Summitry Worldwide, she worked on several consulting projects for Fortune 500 companies, covering a variety of industries including fashion, consumer packaged food, and the beverage industries. Her marketing expertise includes new product development, consumer segmentation, brand image strategies, and consumer retention and attitude, among many others. Yao gained her Ph.D. from Iowa State University in the area of marketing, and developed her passion in the combination of marketing and statistics. Currently, she lives in Cary, NC with her husband and their daughter.

The fun stuff: I love hot and numbing food. Her favorites…

Food: Noodles (any type)

Book: The Big Short

Movie: Godfather I & II

TV Show: Shark Tank

Band: Adele

Beer: Guinness

City: Berlin

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