Best Practices

shutterstock_115437223What constitutes a “Best Practice?”

There are many perceptions of what a Best Practice represents, but for us there are three critical criteria that a business practice or process must meet in order to be characterized as “Best”:

1. It must be measurable
2. It must be proven
3. It must be replicable

If the impact of a marketing campaign can’t be accurately quantified, how do you know if it works? And if it works, can it be duplicated elsewhere? If not, why does it matter?

Serving as senior executives, strategic consultants and solution providers to such major newsmedia enterprises as The New York Times Company, Gannett, The Washington Post, Torstar and Fairfax Media among others, the team at LEAP Media Solutions architected and collaborated in engineering audience management processes that meet these criteria.

Unrivaled database and digital marketing experience make LEAP uniquely qualified to identify and adopt a best practice approach to the audience initiatives of its client partners.

Where is this Best Practice approach evident in the LEAP process?

Pretty much everywhere.

It’s in the identity resolution processes that deliver a single customer view environment for intelligent marketing. It’s in the analytical techniques that support the deployment of our Targeted Growth Model. It’s embedded in the automation of multichannel campaigns that drive customer development, value enhancement and engagement. It’s in the creative design of digital and print executions. It’s in the backend analysis that supports continuous improvement and better decision-making.

“Best Practice” is a phrase that some use indiscriminately. For us, it’s unambiguous. It is a process that has been proven to work better than any other in an environment that can be seamlessly adapted to the benefit of each client partner.

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