Customer Intelligence


Have you thrown in the towel on audience growth? Don’t.

Whereas print circulation – even total audience growth – remains a challenge for most, the growth of audiences is a natural outcome of a well-architected media business model.

Why the distinction between audience and audiences? Because a persona can belong to multiple audiences for the purpose of monetization. For example, a consumer may subscribe to a daily print product and a weekly prep sports newsletter, register for an online contest and be a married homeowner with children at home. This consumer is part of at least four audiences – each of which can be targeted and monetized uniquely through subscriptions, display, native, programmatic and more.

And that leads to an irrefutable truth: Audiences are built with data.

That is, the more you know about an individual consumer or persona, the more audiences that individual will belong to.

Once you come to that realization, the road to the growth of audiences becomes an eight-lane highway. It is built upon an infrastructure of customer intelligence – an infrastructure that generates it, optimizes it and puts it to use.

At the heart of the LEAP methodology is the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform – a comprehensive database platform that allows us to integrate and consolidate various sources of internal and external data into a single, authoritative view of your individual customer relationships.

As you’ll see, that then lets us do some really cool stuff.

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