The cornerstones of the LEAP Media Solutions approach – Customer Intelligence, Shared Costs, Best Practices and Managed Services – are put to work for you through a diligent process of discovery, collaboration, execution and measurement.

We don’t presume to know your market, your resources or your specific business goals. We may all be in the same business, more or less, but we all have different products, pricing and market dynamics.

We need to get to know you – and vice versa. That’s why we start with a collaborative process that includes a discussion about your needs, an inventory of your data and creative assets, and a review of your sales metrics – all of which contribute to the preparation of a comprehensive audience development plan and definitive scope document reflecting the immediate and ongoing elements to be delivered by LEAP Media Solutions.

The road map that we build together is the foundation for all that is to follow.

We have some really smart technologists. They – and the marketers with whom they work side-by-side – have collaborated to identify the best technology components for the delivery of end-to-end, data-optimized audience solutions for our client community. And LEAP’s Shared Cost Approach enables those components to be put to work with minimal investment.

But technology is simply a means to and end. We engineer that technology to optimally execute the plan we build together – technology that has supported the audience and revenue development initiatives of more than 200 news media companies worldwide.

Through a thoughtful process of data integration and enhancement, LEAP builds a comprehensive repository of intelligence about your customers and prospective customers – and those of your advertisers. But building the database is only part of the story. LEAP’s robust analytical and campaign management capabilities facilitate the design and automation best practice processes for customer growth, activation, engagement and monetization.

LEAP’s Shared Cost framework makes the investment in World Class technology – and the skills to put it to work – possible. In turn, the technology and expertise combine to make your marketing investments incredibly effective, amazingly efficient.

It all fits together for your benefit.

LEAP’s approach to audience growth is driven by the simple premise that high opportunity audiences can be identified, scored and targeted based on a variety of meaningful criteria including geography, demography, transactional behavior, channel preferences and contact history. Resource investments can then be specifically allocated to those segments demonstrating maximum potential for growth and profitability. It’s all about the ROI.

We call this approach the “Targeted Growth Model” – and it is based on a series of well-tested analytical processes that are readily adapted to the strategic audience initiatives of our coalition partners.

We know your resources aren’t infinite. In fact, they’re likely being cut with every iteration of your budget. Get the biggest bang for your limited bucks by spending them where the return is highest.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

It’s likely that you are spending a reasonable amount of money on customer development. Those efforts may not be sophisticated or sexy…but you are probably handicapped by a lack of data and analytics – or, at least, access to them. And without definitive knowledge about how you should invest your money, it really just becomes a question of how much budget you can lobby for.

LEAP’s proven, data-driven approach to audience optimization changes the game. The how becomes far more important than the how much.

While the Targeted Growth Model will ensure maximum return on your sales investments, LEAP’s Customer Lifecycle Management curriculum helps optimize the value of each and every customer relationship. CLM works to deepen those relationships – maximizing retention, engagement, rate and the value of your customers to advertisers.

In summary, LEAP’s CLM is a series of timely, targeted, personalized, channel-optimized and automated communications designed to deliver value to your customers while creating value for you.

Timely. Efficient. Productive. Relevant.

LEAP’s TGM/CLM curricula generate “output” – specifically, lists that are optimized for execution across digital and offline channels for audience growth, activation, engagement and monetization.

  • The lists can be distributed to files or vendors for email, direct mail or telemarketing executions; or
  • Execution can be coordinated and managed by LEAP using our technology and shared services vendors.

We, of course, prefer the latter but we won’t be doing any arm-twisting. Instead, we hope to give you compelling operational and financial reasons to execute your campaigns through LEAP and our supplier partners. These advantages include:

  • End-to-end automation drives operational efficiency.
  • Economies of scale are achieved for all coalition clients through shared services volume pricing.
  • Access to proven, pre-designed campaign templates for email and direct marketing initiatives.
  • Disposition data is more seamlessly captured in the database to enhance analytics and targeting.
  • Campaign templates can be easily modified by LEAP to reflect best practices.
  • Accurate performance metrics can be generated across the coalition to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Rather than trying to syncroninize the efforts of multiple constituencies and vendors, you’re dealing with just one – LEAP.

This is where all the smarts and all the hard work pay off – with more productive campaign executions that optimize our growth opportunities while minimizing the necessary investment.

Admit it…you love to look at reports – at least those that include detail about your performance metrics.

As you may have guessed, relevant metrics are of particular importance to us. We test and measure everything so we can identify best practices and introduce a culture of continuous improvement to our coalition partners.

Our technology allows us great flexibility in generating business analytics. We’re not going to just regurgitate the same basic data that you might get out of your operational systems today. Because LEAP Dimensions™ puts access to all of your marketing data in one place, we can deliver you a performance dashboard that encompasses a huge inventory of critical insight.

LEAP coalition partners have on-demand access to a variety of business metrics through the LEAP client portal. The portal enables online access to such variables as retention performance based on user-specified criteria, campaign response measurements and more.

Standard reports include:

  • Weekly KPI reports across 15 standard variables
  • Monthly channel retention reports measuring at 13-, 52- and 104 week intervals
  • Monthly campaign performance reports documenting TGM segment response and ROI

Coalition Benchmarks: In addition, LEAP maintains community benchmarks for all of these metrics across its client coalition. This allows each of our partners individually to compare its performance to the group overall – delivering further insight into best practices and continuous improvement opportunities.