Shared Cost Model

LEAP employs a unique Shared Cost Model that allows us to deploy World Class technology and unmatched expertise to reengineer your business around customer intelligence and best practices in audience management and monetization.

Simply stated, investments in the resources required to grow and manage your business are distributed among peers sharing common challenges and opportunities related to industry transformation.

For independent and family-owned media concerns, such an approach creates economies of scale that may not otherwise be achieved – putting access to essential, transformational technology and expertise squarely within their grasp.

For the major media conglomerates, the LEAP model is enabling dramatic cost reductions, the repurposing of internal resources and hands-on access to critical business metrics – not to mention profound improvements in marketing performance driven by LEAP’s Best Practice approach.

The shared services approach lends itself to much more than just marketing systems and the associated resources. It also applies to a myriad of marketing investments – the pricing of which is driven by volume: email executions, direct mail production, third-party data agreements, creative development and more.

What does this mean to you?

Simply stated, it means the investments needed to implement, manage, deploy and execute against world class technology solutions is shared by you and your peers – making end-to-end, data-driven audience management an affordable reality.

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