There is more than one path to media transformation. As a leader and stakeholder in your company’s makeover, you must navigate a course that is fraught with both peril and opportunity. That is precisely why you should plan now to join a small gathering of your peers in Vail, CO on August 21-23, 2019 for the 27th edition of The ROUNDTABLE presented by LEAP and its participating partners Brainworks and TownNews.

Since its inception in 1993, The ROUNDTABLE has remained the most unique and compelling event of its kind. It is not just about forward thinking, but thinking forward. It is about building a road map to prosperity in an environment of constant change and challenge.

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As with prior years, the overarching theme for ROUNDTABLE XXVII involves transformation and the evolution of the local media business model. Such an ambitious agenda touches on a myriad of critical strategic initiatives for media companies related to content, platforms, revenue diversification, consumer monetization, data-optimized marketing and all the related buzzwords.

But what sets The ROUNDTABLE apart from every other industry conference you’ve attended is not just what we talk about – it’s HOW we talk about it.


Let’s start with what The ROUNDTABLE is not.

This is not another conference about simply being “digital first.” In fact, The ROUNDTABLE is not a “conference” at all. It’s more of a conversation. You won’t find “suits” standing at a podium telling 300 subjects what they need to do next. Instead, “faculty” members will share what they did and why they did it – and then facilitate a discussion about whether it is right for you. No suits – more like shorts and flip-flops.

As always, The ROUNDTABLE will be limited to 60 participants. For more than two decades, we have proven that intimacy breeds interaction. When you depart Vail, you will do so empowered by knowledge, unbridled enthusiasm and a peer group without peers.


In 1993, ASTECH InterMedia hosted the inaugural ROUNDTABLE in Snowmass, Colorado. A gathering of 45 publishing professionals discussed and debated the opportunities surrounding database marketing. The ROUNDTABLE was hosted by Tom Ratkovich, ASTECH founder and president.

The ROUNDTABLE quickly came to be known as the premier event for strategic thinking in a practical environment, driving change by not just sharing best practices but providing a road map for implementation and success. The ROUNDTABLE was the “anti-conference” – intimate, casual and eclectic – with an emphasis on interaction and exchange.

In 1999, The ROUNDTABLE migrated to its current venue at the Sonnenalp Resort of Vail. The change of venue brought with it a change of focus as The ROUNDTABLE became a nexus for the debate and discussion of media transformation in a digital age. As the 26th edition of The ROUNDTABLE recently demonstrated, the event maintains its status as the most heralded of its kind. Tom Ratkovich, now President of LEAP Media Solutions, in collaboration with LEAP’s partners in the event, remains the host of The ROUNDTABLE more than twenty-five years after its inception.