“Many thanks for including me in the great ROUNDTABLE last week.  It was a terrific event and provided the opportunity to chat with some interesting people who share common challenges.”

“Very, very good few days in all the ways you want them to be.  Wondering why I’ve waited so long to return.”

“I wanted again to express how much I like the ROUNDTABLE.  You do a great job with putting together this conference. Kudos to you and your team.”

“Thank you for another excellent conference. You have really found the perfect combination in learning and sharing. I am grateful to have participated.”


To see the photo scrapbook from The 2017 ROUNDTABLE, go HERE.

“My notes and other takeaways were valuable and I am significantly editing our 2018 plan to add clarity and some new specifics as a result, which to me is the best outcome from an event like this. Doc Wang’s introduction to the German lesson was fun as usual and poignant, and Earl W’s keynote I thought was masterful.”

“This was a great event due to its relaxed format and dives into many issues/current trends we are all experiencing. Nice work.”

“Overall, the conference is amazing. I bring back tons of ideas every year that makes the trip a great investment. Thanks for putting this on each year.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed it and met some new colleagues. Great agenda as well. Had a blast and got to know Earl which is a great example of what this conference is about. Also, I found out that I can still bowl!”

“Thank you for hosting and orchestrating The ROUNDTABLE. What a great forum! Learned a lot and made new friends.”

“Just a fantastic event! Thanks for everything.”

“1. Well organized. 2. A good mix of different types of individuals at all levels of an organization. 3. Needed fun.”


To see the photo scrapbook from The 2016 ROUNDTABLE, go HERE.

“Thank you for creating a venue where progressive thinkers can collaborate. Invaluable. I’m kicking myself for having not attended before.”

“We LOVED it and thanks!! The absolute BEST conference I have ever attended.”

“What I am trying to say is, what we learn every year in Vail directly impacts the success of our company. Thank you for inviting us to be part of this great meeting.”

“This was one of the best events I have ever attended. I left Vail feeling excited about the future of Newspapers and Media. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be inspired!”

“This was my 7th visit to The ROUNDTABLE and I believe this was the best, thus far. The subject matter was relevant, educational, inspiring and I get the sense the industry is beginning to coalesce around a common business strategy that places the consumer in the center of their respective businesses. It was exciting to see so many media companies discovering the opportunities to generate substantial revenues by leveraging their strategic relationships with consumers AND advertisers.”


To see the photo scrapbook from The 2015 ROUNDTABLE, go HERE.

“My congratulations on a fantastic and fun event.  For multiple reasons, this was probably the best media conference I’ve ever attended.  Hats off to everyone who helped put this on.”

“I literally enjoyed every minute of it and learned so much I think my head’s gonna explode!”

“It was a fantastic conference,  personally inspiring (I doubt I’m alone in that) and professionally invigorating.”

“As always it was an outstanding event, one of the best in the industry no doubt. It is probably the event that I look forward to the most throughout the year.”

“It was one of my favorite events of all time. Especially the morning with Paul … that was just so dang good. Congratulations on a really fantastic few days in the mountains.”

“I enjoyed the Roundtable immensely.  It has unquestionably become a highlight for me.”

“This was a terrific first-time experience and I would definitely return if the opportunity is available in the future. I met so many new big creative thinkers. I felt the atmosphere promoted non-threatening discussions of various viewpoints on several issues that face the industry.”

“Exceeded my already high expectations. Fantastic event!”

Previous ROUNDTABLE Events

“Great – thought provoking, strategic with a little tactical thrown in!”

“Once again the presentations of faculty exhibited outstanding depth of knowledge and subject matter expertise.”

“Excellent content!  Great venue!  Lots of great sessions combined with the opportunity to meet others.  One of the best conferences that I attend.”

“Just amazing!  Great couple of days – thank you again so much.”

“Paul Wang is worth the price of admission himself. Lots of strong sessions I learned a lot and I can’t say that about every conference I go to.”

“I found the exchanges provocative, candid, real and pragmatic, and walked away feeling inspired about the work and options in front of us.”

“Really appreciated the tone of this year’s conference.  Despite the reality of today’s economy – I leave here feeling motivated and rejuvenated to grow ROI!  Can’t wait to come back again next year!”

“Outstanding conference.  Perfect blend of sessions vs. networking activities.  Enjoyed the smaller, intimate setting.”

Really strong group of participants. Very smart people trying new things and sharing their experiences.”

“Easily the most useful and unique conference I have attended – superbly organized and genuinely different in atmosphere.  Hope to be back here in Vail next year!”

“The Vail venue is perfect!  It allows for a great environment, away from regular daily activities and big city distractions.  Great place….great conference.”

“Always useful, always valuable.  Probably the most valuable conference of the year.”

“The past two years I have attended have been the most valuable industry ‘sessions/conferences’ of my entire career.  I am very serious.”